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  Unofficial practice days Friday July 12th and Saturday 13th (range is open as per normal to club members and early competitors, loading tent is on site, limited amenities)

  • Official practice days for Sunday July 14th, Monday 15, Tuesday 16th (range is closed, RO on site to manage practice days, full amenities on site), Flag setting Tuesday at 4PM
  • Wednesday July 17th - Opening Ceremonies and LV 100 (spouse’s tours start after opening ceremony and run 4-5 days)
  • Thursday July 18th – HV100
  • Friday July 19th – HV200
  • Saturday July 20th – LV200
  • Sunday July 21st –  H.V.  10 shot 200 yards, awards banquet following shoot and will be held at Canada Olympic Park



Rosebud Silhouette & Benchrest Club is pleased to host the World Benchrest Championship in July of 2019.

The world federation consists of 34 countries and Rosebud has set cap at 150 shooters which at this time is looking like we will max out in shooters.

We are in the process of obtaining commitment for sponsorship and would like to provide you with the opportunity to be involved in this process.

We are also providing web page for WBSF.

GOLD LEVEL        SOLD                                                    $5000.00                                                                

Included is

Closing Banquet Title Sponsor 

Closing Banquet 2 Guest Tickets 

Back page of program 

Display of Range flags and banners (sponsor supplied)

Hats x2



Included is

Meet and Greet Title Sponsor

Closing Banquet 2 Guest tickets

Inside Front page of program 

Display of Range flags and banners (sponsor supplied

Hats x2



Included is

Title Sponsor of Chuckwagon Breakfast 

Closing Banquet 2 Tickets

Inside back page of program 

Display of Range flags and banners (sponsor supplied)

Hats x2


4x4 Entrance Sign

$500 Displayed for 3 years on fence at club entrance

Goodie Bags

Branded Bags $500 (given to all competitors)  

Free Range Drinks

Title sponsor of Range drinks $500 (starting on official practice days)


Medals, souvenir medallions, and Patches

$4000 includes corporate branding on one side of medals and medallions


Commemorative T Shirts

$3750 (150x$25) includes corporate brand

Belt Buckles

Individual agg winners and 2-gun winner (5 Buckles) Total of $500, includes corporate brand

Interested parties should get in touch with Rick Pollock +1.403-554-6772


Tony Gauthier +1.403-901-0735

Accommodation Info

There are accommodations offered in West Calgary , Canmore and Cochrane and with a Variety of prices. If you want fine dining and luxury you will find it in all three locations, but generally speaking you will find more choices in the larger centres. Calgary is approximately 65 Kilometers (40 miles), Canmore is approximately 55 kilometers (30 miles), Cochrane is approximately 50 Kilometers (30 miles).


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